Giving back to those that serve selflessly! Get a 15% Rebate!

Also receive a Vacation certificate for destinations in the U.S. or Mexico just for registering!

Introducing the only program of it's kind:  The Overton Hero Program!

As a retired Denver Police Officer, and a Gulf War Veteran, Barry Overton has always had a strong conviction to serve those that have professions where serving others is their purpose in life.  Barry is now using his 17 years experience in Real Estate to give back to those that serve selflessly. 

The Overton Hero Programs gives back to all these Heroes:

All First Responders (Police, Fire Personnel, Paramedics, Sheriffs, State Patrol, and Federal LE)


Coaches (Paid or Volunteer)

Medical Professionals (Doctors, Nurses)

All Military Personnel (Active, Reserve, and Veterans)

It works this simple:

When a Hero decides to hire Barry Overton as their Realtor, Barry is giving back a Rebate to the Hero and continues his crusade to donate to organizations that aid heroes .

Upon Closing the Hero receives a 15% rebate of Barry's Real Estate Commission, paid in closing cost. 


Barry's preferred lender, Colten Mortgage, also offers a $1000 credit toward closing cost.  So that is a 15% commission rebate from Barry, and $1000 from Colten Mortgage that can all be used towards closing cost. 

Wait......There's more:

Also, Barry has several relationships with preferred vendors that offer discounts to heroes for a multitude of household services and repairs.  You will have access to Barry's database.

And it gets better:

Just for registering on our site as a Hero you will receive your choice of one of these exciting trips:


*Vacation certificate covers the cost of the room for all nights advertised.  Hotel guest is only responsible for the registration, and room tax & resort fees.  Amounts up to a $575 savings for Las Vegas or Orlando, and up to a $1550 savings to Mexico destinations.

It's our way of saying, Thank You for your Service!

All are eligible for this promotion.  Inquire Today!